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she abandoned to Kaifeng with renters, by begging for the children warm,woolrich online, she nearly died of gas poisoning ... May 28 morning, the 50-year-old peasant woman Su Xiaohua Qi County in Henan chest hospital Speaking of his time these experiences, weeping,ray ban new wayfarer, said, "no regrets." Su Xiaohua's home in Kaifeng Qixian Lake Township,ray ban remise, May 29, 2009 at 10 am, when he was 47 years old when she and her friends in Kaifeng City longting play, throwing a shoe box roadside see everyone open look,under armour outlet, the box was a baby girl, just when my friends talking about how to do, Su Xiaohua decided to adopt the child. The next day, the family heard that she wanted to adopt a child here,lunette de vue ray ban, said she was crazy,barbour international, a lot of people in the village are also in the offing. It seems everyone.
the hospital will implement her surgery, she will be able to estimate a half months after discharge. Treatment costs, Tian Zhenyu introduced,nike da corsa, under normal circumstances require 40,000 cards between 45,000 but because the leaves exposed in line with aid conditionalities "Shenhua Love Action" project, the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement,chaussures christian louboutin, "Shenhua Love Action" project also can be reimbursed the total cost of about 45% (up to twenty thousand yuan), two red button, the Su Xiaohua need a part, also two or three thousand dollars. It is understood big river, "Shenhua Love Action" project is designed to help poor families 0-14 years of age with congenital heart disease, leukemia, medical rehabilitation of children complete public projects,zanotti pas cher, according to the agreement, each case was "Shenhua Love Action" project funded congenital heart disease children, the total treatment expenses, the deduction for urban residents medical insurance or the new rural cooperative medical care, civil illness medical assistance, and the gap from "Shenhua love action" project limit funding, in each case maximum grant amount of not more than 20,000 yuan . Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microblogg � East this reporter correspondent Wang Zhu Qing Hua Yue Wang Tingting February 8, 2011, 58-year-old Wangyun Hong,scarpe nike outlet, TONGXU Di Township Justice Court,ray ban clubmaster, director, died of lung cancer, leaving his 18-year administration of justice worked hard work. At the grassroots level for 30 years, he wrote down nearly a hundred feelings diary. Yesterday, the Kaifeng Municipal Bureau of Justice said it would organize Wangyun Hong deeds report group lecture tour in the city's justice system.
although Su Xiaohua students had several sick poor health, Su Xiaohua husband too cerebral infarction season left its mark, but their children are married, and two grandchildren,tn, the family will cross the day well, "unfinished buried person",moncler donna, adopted an abandoned baby to go, it is all right to find a thing, and that this abandoned, it does not seem normal, because her weight was 900 grams. In this way, Su Xiaohua home moved out from Qi County, Kaifeng to rented houses,rayban remise, living together with the baby,nike shox, she named the child leaves exposed. . "Peacetime by pilgrims ten twenty subsidize life," said Su Xiaohua,lunettes de soleil ray ban, when the leaves exposed six months old and weighing less than 4 pounds, she borrowed some money to the hospital for check-ups for children - children with congenital heart disease, when she remembered the situation usually leaves often exposed lips and feet Wuzi may be related to her disease. At her time to worry about the child's condition.
this year the first month in the evening, she and the children both in the rented room gas poisoning,hollister italia, but fortunately after the rescue, they are out of danger. Just before she was discharged the next day, one of her cousin told her, Henan Chest Hospital can cure the child's illness. A month ago, she took the leaves exposed to Chest Hospital for treatment. Henan Provincial Chest Hospital Cardiovascular surgeon Tian Zhenyu introduction, leaf dew is suffering from "double outlet right ventricle," that her main pulmonary artery were originated in the right ventricle, the heart is the normal aorta originated in the left ventricle,nike uomo, pulmonary artery originated in the right ventricle, which is a complex congenital heart disease, accounting for only 0.48% - 1.67% of congenital heart disease. Tian Zhenyu said that because of poor living conditions, exposed leaf growth compared with children the same age difference, but after examination, her left ventricle, and the pulmonary artery development was better, in line with surgical conditions. This morning.

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